BLJ films is an all-in-one service provider, not only for creative resources but also for providing additional administrative and coordination services like project management, human resources, legal document creation and accounting. It’s the one place, to provide everything you need to succeed… and you only get one bill!

We provide a variety of talent in many fields – tailored to your personal specifications to make sure you have what you require to meet your goals and provide the support to help you effectively elevate your own unique style and brand.


Internet, digital radio and digital media

Digital and interactive television

Multimedia and digital media

Computer gaming

Art and creative studios

TV commercials production


Public Relations

Market research

Management consulting


Exhibitions and Conferences


Music soundtracks for film, television, video games, etc

Promotion (including Marketing and branding)

Sound recording/sound design

Digital film

Film web sites

Post-production/special effects

Computer games

Set design & set building

Lighting design

Consulting and training

Office software and equipment

Software maintenance

Hardware design, manufacture and maintenance

Information supply and distribution

Research and development


Fine art

Graphic design

Fashion design

Original Furniture design

Multimedia, web site and digital media design

Television graphics

Interactive and digital TV design

Manufacturing & industrial design

Research and development within industry

Modeling and prototype making

Magazine publishing

Tutors available for design training

Product design


Creative teams including: concept creators, writers, branding architects, directors, voice and on-camera talent.

Casting resources

Editing facilities

Brochures/publications/business cards/postcards

Photography, filming and digital recording

Digital content generation



Festivals management

Pubs and restaurants

Business sponsorship

Management of venues – theatres, halls, places of public entertainment


Art and creative studios

Sound tracks

Music press

Music for computer games

Production of musical instruments

Jingle production

Education and training

Multimedia content


Fashion Show Creation and Management

Fashion photography

Hair care, styling

Cosmetic products and Make Up Artists


Training and Tutoring available

Perfumes (original creation)

Model casting and training

Special Project Management and Creative Resources

Publicity and Promotion for General and Seasonal Tourism Events

Festival management, including providing sector team leaders and public relation and promotion design and press releases and media facilitators

Bar, Pub and Restaurant promotion

Applications for sponsorships and grants

Management of venues for events – theatres, halls, etc – including security staff, service staff and catering

Press Launches for Festivals, Film, Vernisages, Album releases, Fashion shows, etc