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If you have skills related to our services or if you specialize in one of our target industries, please apply to join the members of our agency. Simply fill out the form below.

We charge NO commission on your sales.

Our HR department will review your application with diligence; you can expect a thorough vetting process so we can best match your skills with challenging contracts.

Services and benefits we will provide you with

  • FREE referral and contract opportunities
  • FREE marketing and promotion of your services and freelance/contract business
  • Opportunities for business development
  • Expansion of your customer base, network of clients and a chance to build partnerships with allied freelance professionals
  • Nurture of your passions by working on diverse projects

We will never sell your personal or professional information; we do keep records of your projects and contact information on file, which is only accessed by our HR department for business development opportunities.

Your full application requires submission of a resume, portfolio and experience summary.


As a member of our agency, we will contact you once we receive a project that requires your skills; your application will remain on file, even if we do not require your skills due to, for example, a lull in project proposals.

If ever your application is rejected, you may reapply in the next six to 12 months and we will gladly study your application again based on your new experience and practical knowledge.

Thank you for applying with BLJ FILMS. We look forward to working with you.