Our pool of talent is made up of diverse experts in fields ranging from multimedia to arts and culture. Rest assured, we will match the right professionals to your needs and brand identity so that our services will always meet your goals. Best of all, our all-inclusive services will require payment of one simple bill for your project.

Do you need any of the following services? We can help you!

  • Media & Communications

    TV commercials
    Photography and videography of media events
    Full-suite conception and execution of public relations and media relations campaigns
    Content for social media: video clips and infographics
    Digital media content creation: blogs, podcasts and video-blogs
    Digital and interactive television programs
    Conduct of interviews and recording customer testimonials
    Business and grant writing
    Press releases for prominent events (e.g., product launch, festivals, album launch)
  • Design & Publishing

    Graphic design
    Website and digital interface design
    Fashion, clothing and costume design
    Product design
    Video and television graphics and images
    Set design & set building
    Manufacturing & industrial design
    Product modeling and prototyping
    Magazine publishing
    Consulting and training in design
  • Artwork & Custom Creations

    Art installations
    Custom sound tracks and song writing
    Musicians and live performance
    Production of musical scores
    Access to artist studios and creative workspaces
  • Event Planning

    Management of cultural venues: theatres, halls, public spaces
    Exhibitions and conferences
  • Multimedia

    Consulting and training in multimedia
    Videos embedded in websites
    Post-production editing and special effects
    Programming business software and IT support
    Supply, setup and hardware maintenance
    Computer games and apps
  • Advertising

    Advertising teams, including: concept creators, writers, brand architects, directors, voice and on-camera actors
    Brochures, posters, business cards
    Photography, videography and audio recording
    Digital content generation and editing
    Casting of actors
  • Fashion & Modelling

    Fashion show/runway planning and management
    Cosmetics and makeup artists
    Fashion photography
    Consulting and training in fashion services
    Hair styling
    Model casting and training
  • Target Industries

    We service clients from diverse industries. We do, however, offer unique expertise in the following commercial sectors:
    Restaurants, bars and pubs
    Tourism, festivals and cultural events
    Non-profit organizations and foundations

Do you need any of the following services? We can help you!
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